We are proud to be an Icelandic brand. Made in Iceland and created in Iceland. For quite a time we have wanted to do an Icelandic photo shoot where we show our origin. One day we made it happen and here are our results.


When preparing and brainstorming for the shoot Steinunn Vala designer of Hring eftir hring along with Iris the photographer had few goals. They wanted the photos to show Icelandic atmosphere and the Icelandic spirit, that they consider stunningly beautiful and romantic as well as mysterious and strong. Little bit like elves or mermaids. Both Iris and Steinunn completely fell in love with the colours of thenature and the scene where they did the shoot. They found the place pefect for what they were thinking at Seltún a geothermal spot close to Reykjavík. The colours of the background matched with what they wanted especially when the snow was added to the scene, they didnt want the Icelandic nature to steal the scene but to add the mystic and unclear atmosphere to the photos. We think we got what we aimed for at least we hope so after a long day outdoors in the snow.




Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir




Erna Bergmann



Hair and makeup:

Fríða María




Vera Hilmars



Rafn Ingi: