Hring eftir hring is a jewellery design studio from Reykjavík, Iceland, founded in 2009.

Our journey began when Steinunn Vala, the founder and creative
director of Hring eftir hring, created a ring for herself that unintentionally turned out to catch the attention of, apparently, the major part of Icelandic design enthusiasts.
Overnight Steinunn suddenly found herself flooded with people wanting their own piece of her design. Astonished by the sudden and rapid growth of demand her situation quickly escalated into her starting up a design studio (us!) and ever sincet here’s been no turning back, thankfully.

During this time we’ve watched ourselves grow into a independent group of creators bringing out the best in each other, driven by the same ambition to develop our craft and creativity. To acquire that, collaborations with other designers, artists and craftsmen are of the utmost importance to us which is why we try and do as much of that as we possibly can.

We strive to bring more life and character to this world, by givingpeople the chance of doing exactly that with our jewellery. Hopefully we’ll be able to brighten up your rainy days (which we so happen to have more than plenty of here in Iceland) and make the sunny ones even sunnier.

To stay at the forefront of Icelandic design, while running a successful business model, business and design transparency is very important to us. We appreciate nothing more than a inquiry e-mail or a feedback-giving phone call. Then again you could simply drop by at our workshop where the doors are always open
to you guys.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us people!

The Hring eftir hring crew.