We do of course share your idea of wanting your jewelry to last a lifetime and to help
you out with accomplishing that, we took down some notes that ought to help.

  • If your Leaves Ring needs cleaning we find that warm water, a drop
    of soap and a toothbrush work the best.

  • The same goes for the colored beads from the Pirouette collection.
    And regarding the toothbrush. Do keep the one for the actual
    toothbrushing separate from the one for the clay, though. Believe
    it… well unless, of course, you’re one of those with soap appreciating
    taste buds. We don’t judge.

  • A simple silver dip does the job for the silver parts, just don’t forget
    to rinse it properly afterwards.

  • Our porcelain fish are made of fine porcelain so apart from not
    dropping them, they don’t need any special care. Other than being
    worn of course.

  • The Wooden Bow Ring and Necklace from Muggi is, as the name sort
    of suggests, wooden. So, as it normally is with wood, if you think it’s
    getting a bit dry then no worries. Just soak the bow in clean and natural
    friendly white oil, leave it for the wood to loose it’s thirst and after an
    hour you simply wipe off the remains with a clean cloth or paper napkin.
         ...thank you and take care!