Our stock is located in Iceland so all orders will be shipped directly from our studio in Reykjavík to your address, wherever it may be in the world. Most of the time we send out orders within 24 hours of placement, on weekdays. Sometimes this is not possible, so if you need your purchase before a certain date, please contact us for detailed information before you place the order. You may contact us at any time, via this website (contact us button), email hring@hring.is or mobile: +354 772 9020.


Within Iceland we can offer you free shipping. We use the service of Pósturinn, the national mail service. Whenever possible, we will have your order delivered to your door, otherwise it will be waiting for you at the nearest Post office. Please note that in some smaller towns around the countryside of Iceland it is not possible to have your order delivered to your door.

Pósturinn mail service is very good and accurate and delivery time between 1-3 days in Iceland. Their website gives good information about opening hours and location of post offices, so if you are a visitor for some time here, this could be an easy and good option for you.


As is we can only offer you the service of UPS Express for orders outside of Iceland. This is because we have to many times had problems with custom clearance in other countries when using the less expensive options. Partly this is because we are not part of the EU. We offer our customers the best price we can for this good and fast service and charge only 3.500 ISK for each delivery (equal to around 30 EUR).

You can look up the estimated delivery time from Iceland to your home here.

We are a small business and we hope to be able to give you and all our customers as personal and good service as we can. One of the benefits of our size is that you can contact us directly and often we are able to tailor our service around your needs and wishes. So if you have an idea or a wish of a different delivery way, please contact us and we will try to make it work.